Welcome New Parents!

Practical Parents in Training was developed at the turn of the decade in 2020. With so many parenting resources out there – it becomes difficult for any one parent to digest and deploy all the different strategies that exist. As a new father I discovered so many parenting guru’s out there stating that their way is the best method to raising children. It doesn’t take long for a parent to have a hard time deciding which method is the best route forward to being a better parent. 


My hope is that Practical Parents in Training can help separate the noise from the good stuff, and use data-driven methods for determining what mind be the best way to raise our kids. 


Our Philosophy


In addition to being a father, I am also a martial artist. I studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu out of a small gym in East Los Angeles. This is important because the few years I trained there helped me develop a specific mindset that I bring to my parenting methods. Namely, it acknowledged that while I am indeed a parent – the path to becoming a master in this craft will require a specific mindset. 


A Cycle of Never Ending Learning


In order to be the best parent I can be – I must adapt something I’ve come to call “a cycle of never ending learning.” There’s a quote I use to help illustrate my point: the best masters are eternally students. Basically, in order to be the best at anything – I have to ensure that my mind is open to new things and new ideas. This can be tough – as it becomes easy to fall into a pattern of belief where any single way to do anything is best. 


Children Come First – But Do They?


For anyone who has sat on a plane before takeoff – you’ll recall the airline attendant giving instructions in the case of an emergency. A set of oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling – one for each passenger. He/She then shows you how to place the mask over your face, and then instructs you to do the same for your child next to you.


The main set of instructions to take away is that you must take care of yourself if you truly wish to take care of your children. If you’re not getting rest, you’ll be irritable when your child needs another diaper change. If you’re unhappy with your job, it’ll affect how you interact with your children and perhaps you’ll say something you didn’t mean.


So, from what I can tell, the best parents are able to take care of themselves enough – so that way they can take care of their loved ones. 


Our Goals


Our main goals here at Practical Parents in Training are the following 3 things:


Developing the Mindset


It takes time to develop a proper mindset to be the best parent you can be. No one is simply able to snap their fingers and be a different person. It takes consistency, diligence, and mindfulness.  


Finding Like Minded Parents


Humans are social creatures and we often adjust our behaviors around our support groups. For example, the way you might act or receive criticism from your boss is different than how you would were it coming from a spouse. Or, finding success and drive often means spending time and conversing with others who are successful. 


Focus on Problem Solving


We want to ensure that new parents are developing a problem solving mindset. Admittedly, there’s a lot about how babies behave that astound and befuddle us. But, if she’s crying at 2 in the morning, then she’s crying at 2 in the morning and something has to be done about it. Getting angry at yourself, or even at your child, is a very natural response. It is the decisions we make on how to solve the issue that separates bad parents form good parents. 


Our Promise


Why is it important to think about these things? The gift of parenting can be rewarding, but very painful at times. At Practical Parents in Training, we know that it is tough – but there’s always a support group out there waiting to help.

It is imperative that we do these things, because as new parents, we are doing the following:


Developing the Next Generation of Humans


Our time on Earth is short. Not all of us are destined to be famous, have wikipedia pages, or to be on the news, or on a magazine cover. But, our responsibility as parents to our children to help develop the next cycle is above and beyond these things. 


Please, let’s work together to be better parents than we were yesterday, because our children deserve this.