Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib Review

What is the Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib

The Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib is one of the least expensive convertible cribs currently available on the market. The Hillcrest model from Storkcraft suits most nurseries while giving you a full view of your sleeping baby. It is one of the lighter cribs on the market at 49 lbs and is fully JPMA certified. This particular model doesn’t come with a main headpiece and so will look modern and sleek from when fitted in any direction. Storkcraft actually won 2018’s Women’s Choice Award for America’s most recommended baby furniture (this should be something to think about when selecting the best gear for your new baby. The low profile design only sits as high as 34 inches, making this a great crib choice for short moms. This particular model comes in 4 main colors, espresso, grey, pebble grey, and white.

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This crib is JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM.

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This crib is convertible – this means that it’ll grow with your baby. It can convert into one of four main usesCrib

  1. Toddler Bed
  2. Day Bed
  3. Full Bed with Headboard

We’ll break down each type of bed and its use below:


This particular mode of use is designed to accommodate your growing child by providing a 3 position adjustable height mattress (sold separately). If you’re also in search for a mattress, we do recommend this mattress. A good mattress is especially important for the safety of your child – since gaps in between the mattress and the slat rails are hazards for your baby to get stuck (and possibly die!)

While in crib mode, all sides of your baby are protected with the slat railing. Keep in mind that children are capable of climbing up and over the side rail by 18-24 months of age (see article), and so you’ll want to be sure to adjust the mattress or change the mode to “toddler bed” when this happens. Keep in mind that this crib has 3 different positions for the mattress and you’ll want to lower the mattress as your child becomes more capable of sitting up, standing, and climbing. While 3 positions isn’t as much as other models featuring 4 positions, it is still very much usable (especially considering the price point).

An additional recommendation we have is to ensure that you review ways you can help prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) by ensuring the mattress doesn’t have anything else on it such as pillows, stuffed animals, or toys.

Toddler Bed

In this configuration, the toddler bed has the mattress dropped to its lowest height and the main side rail is removed. This allows your toddler to be able to slip in and out of bed easily (great for beginning to teach them how to sleep on a schedule). Online pictures do show an optional side rail, which is available here, we don’t actually think it is strictly necessary though. The toddler guardrail does provide a peace of mind that your toddler won’t roll out of bed and potentially get injured though – so your mileage may vary.

Day Bed

The day bed mode for this 4-in-1 crib is similar to the toddler bed in that the side rail is removed. Day beds are great for napping children or when your toddler wants to sit up to engage in activities such as watching television, reading books, or playing with toys. This mode CAN be used as a standard bed in our opinion, but eventually your toddler will grow too tall for this bed and will need to move onto a normal bed size. This is when the conversion to a full side bed is available.

Full Bed

The full bed is the final configuration for your child (at this point they may be ready to go to preschool or kindergarten!) In order to utilize this mode, you’ll need to pick up the actual metal bed frame (sold separate here). At this point – the crib has turned into a full size bed with a basic headboard. Keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase a full size mattress as well. We do recommend this particular brand of mattress – which is affordable and of quality make. In theory however, any full-size mattress should work just fine.


  • JPMA Certified – Meets or exceeds all standards set by CPSC and ASTM
  • 4 – in – 1 Convertibility to easily accommodate your child as he/she grows.
  • Eco Friendly Solid Wood Construction
  • 3 Position Mattress Height

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Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib Highlights


  • Solid Construction
  • Adjustable Mattress Height
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Hits all Safety Requirements
  • Convertible Design will grow with your child
  • High Value for Price


  • 1 Fewer Adjustable Mattress Height
  • A Lot of Add on Costs for the Full Bed Configuration

Final Thoughts

Considering the cost – this crib comes at a great value. The solid construction along with the 4-1 convertible design makes it a versatile choice for new parents. The pricing is very competitive and many parents are reporting that the crib lasts a long time, even once their child has grown much older. Coming in at 46.3 pounds it is one of the lightest choices as well (which is good for if you need to move the crib around). The dimensions of this particular model is 54.5 x 30.8 x 34 inches – making this a great choice for most modern parents. The 4-in-1 converting design will accommodate your 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd child.

The Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib is available on amazon.

Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib FAQ

Q: What is the height of the crib at the lowest setting?

The lowest setting gives you 21 inches of clearance to the top of the crib.

Q: What is the distance between the slat rails?

The distance between the slats is just shy of 2 inches (2 inches is the current requirement for all cribs).

Q: Are you able to store items underneath this crib?

There is only 6.5 inches of clearance under this crib – so you can place small items in there but nothing taller than that.

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