Best 9 Gift Ideas for a New Dad in the Military

It’s difficult to be a military dad. It is even harder for those who are new dads. A lot of new fathers take for granted the time they get to spend with their new loved ones. Fathers on deployment may get to do some remote video chatting, but some will need to wait until their deployment is over.

There are loads of gifts someone can get for a new dad who is in the military, and Practical Parents in Training have a few you can consider below.

Disclaimer*: Practical Parents in Training’s goals are to provide great choices for parents both old and new. We earn compensation from affiliate links in this content.

Baby carriers are awesome – they allow new parents to bond closely with their kids while keeping them safe. The best ones, such as this TBH Tactical Baby Carrier, are tough while being very comfortable. You’ll find that this one has multiple PALS webbing attachments for additional pouches (baby wipe pouch perhaps?) and accessories. It is made of 600D polyster – while not exactly something like Cordura, it still gets the job done.

This particular model comes in multiple colors as well, like Coyote Brown (our personal favorite), Black Camo, Ranger Green, and Black.

TBG Tactical Baby Carrier image for the practical parents in training blog
TBG Tactical Baby Carrier ​ – Available on

JumpOff Jo Military-Inspired Baby Carrier

Here’s another baby carrier that is a little easier on the wallet than the TBG listed above. It still has MOLLE / PALS webbing – while maintaining a great sleek look. There’s actually a built-in changing pad, giving you the ability to turn it into a diaper changing station with just a few buckle snaps. 

This one only comes in black, however, but it is easier on the wallet.

Tactical Baby Carrier Image for Best Gifts for New Dads in the Military Blog
JumpOff Jo Military-Inspired Baby Carrier – Available on

HSD Diaper Bag Backpack

Made by HighSpeedDaddy, this huge backpack has everything needed for a starter dad go-bag. The large compartment can carry loads of items (and you WILL be carrying a lot of stuff), has multiple pockets, and even includes a diaper changing mat. There are additional shoulder straps to connect this backpack to your stoller, although you’ll want to consider a pretty hefty stroller if you do that. It is made from 600D waterproof polyester and has 210D polyester lining, which means that it’s soft on your items, but is rugged enough for some major daddy duty. 

This backpack comes in multiple colors as well such as coyote brown, black, ranger green, arctic camo, and even the tacti-cool Multicam.

HSD Tactical Bag Backpack for New Military Dads
HSD Diaper Bag Backpack – Available at

Paracord Planet Paracord

Any father who spent time in a deployment knows the value of paracord (it is used to fix EVERYTHING). This particular brand is the type III style paracord which is rated for 550 lbs. Any military dad will find use for this. Just be sure to pick it up in a neutral color, like olive drab, green, or browns.

Planet Paracord Gift for New Dad in the military
PARACORD PLANET Paracord – Available on

Welstik Professional Grade Duct Tape

The other half of the paracord and fast tape duo – any military father will know exactly how useful duct tape is. This particular brand is easy to tear with your hands (so you don’t need to carry you EDC knife). There are multiple colors available as well, but just like with the paracord, select neutral colors like olive or brown.

Fast Tape or Duct Tape Present Ideas
Welstik Tape Professional Grade Duct Tape – Available on

Military Onesies

Although you probably won’t end up needing both, Practical Parents in Training wanted to provide some options for two of our favorite US Armed Forces branches (Yes yes we know there are others, and there are onesies for all service branches). We find that military parents are proud of their service branch and having their children wear the appropriate onesie would appeal to their sense of pride.

Mashed Clothing Baby Boys' Marines Military Green Baby Bodysuit Photo for Practical Parents in Training Blog
Mashed Clothing Marines Onsie – Available on

Popfunk Army My Hero Baby Onesie Image for Best Gift Blog for Military Dads
Popfunk Army My Hero Baby Onesie – Available on

Redneck Convent Metal Ammo Case Can

There are so many great uses for an ammo can. While not all military dads will be carrying ammo – these are great as a box for a care package. You can create an awesome care package with these by filling them up with snacks, small gifts, and alcohol.

Ammo Can Gifts for Dads
Redneck Convent Metal Ammo Case Can – Available on

American Flag Picture Frame

Show your patriotic spirit with this picture frame. This particular frame fits a 4×6 photo. Protip: preselect a photo put in it before giving the gift.

American Flag Picture Frame gifts for dads
American Flag Picture Frame – Available on

Everlit Emergency Trauma Kit

This IFAK (individual first aid kit) is preloaded with lots of supplies for the everyday carry dad. We found that most of the military fathers enjoy having emergency kits on them – and this particular pack is carrying everything needed ahead of time. There’s supplies for major trauma treatment such as a tourniquet, medical tape, and gauze. Keep in mind that the IFAK can be used on the owner as well! As mentioned in our 7 tips for modern parents, you will need to be sure that you’re taken care of, so you can take care of others. Stay prepared!

Everlit Emergency Trauma Kit IFAK Gift for a military father
Everlit Emergency Trauma Kit – Available on

SOG Tanto EDC Knife - Flash II

What military father doesn’t like knives? This SOG Tanto everyday carry knife is 4.5 inches of durable steel with assisted opening and a mean look. Our favorite thing about this knife is that it has an additional safety lock in case you need to remove it from your body and you don’t want it accidentally opening. 

SOG Tanto EDC Knife - Flash II Everyday Carry Knife - Best Gifts for Dads
SOG Tanto EDC Knife – Flash II – Available on

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