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James Newton of Practice Parents in Training

Practical Parents in Training

Hello! My name is James Newton. I am a new father of 2 and I've discovered that there is a TON of information out there for parenting - some of it great, and some of it not so great. The fact is, there's a lot of outdated information out there (not to say that outdated information is all bad - just simply no longer new). 

I understand the journey of a new parent is full of hardships - and my hope for this blog / website is to help you find some of the most modern tips, tricks, hacks, techniques, and products to help you overcome the daily challenge that is being a new parent.

Practical Parent in Training aims to be a top level parenting blog. I hope we get there - because the journey to being a better parent NEVER ends.

The Problem: Too Much Information

It's pretty clear that there are probably a million blogs about parenting (and really - this one THAT different?). In other words - there is so much information out there and only so much time to digest it all. Wouldn't it be great to find someone who has done a lot of that research for you?

The Solution: Condense it All Down to a Reliable Set of Blogs

My hope is to make Practical Parents in Training one of the most comprehensive guides out there for looking at various issue regarding common first-time parenting issues like:

  • How to help your baby sleep through the night
  • What Cribs to buy
  • Breastfeeding vs Formula
  • Baby Safety the Home
  • And a whole lot more!